In today’s business world, it is both what you know and who you know that’s important. Networking and sharing information are integral parts of any business development.

One good way for business mailers to discuss mailing issues and keep in touch with changes in the U.S. Postal Service is by participating in a Postal Customer Council (PCC). The PCC provides the opportunity to bring information, expertise, and problem-solving together to strengthen your business.

The focus of the Green Bay PCC is that of a partnering relationship. The role of the PCC is to provide local business partners with information about changes in the mailing process that may affect how they prepare business mailings. Feedback and participation from the members of the business mailing community determines the training the PCC offers.

The PCC provides a forum for mailers to discuss and resolve local mailing issues with their local postmaster and other postal managers. Members have opportunities to exchange ideas and suggestions with other businesses as well as learn how to solve their mailing problems while improving mail production efficiency.

Our intent is to grow our membership by offering individual and business memberships. We are inviting members and other associations in the business community to share best practices to improve mailing efficiencies. Knowing your interest in ensuring the best possible mail service for our community and in enhancing your own business development, we invite you to become an active member of the Green Bay PCC.

There is no annual membership fee.   Training and breakfast / lunch seminars will have a per attendee fee associated to them based on the costs associated with hosting that particular event.

If you have been involved in the PCC in the past, we welcome you back. If you have not been involved before, we would like you to join us. The Green Bay Postal Customer Council’s success depends on building successful partnerships in our business mailing community. Please join us in making this PCC a great success by becoming a member.


Tim Lewis, Postal Co-Chair

Tim Reitzner, Industry Co-Chair

Green Bay Postal Customer Council

PO Box 13131

Green Bay, WI